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Google Contacts allows us to never miss a birthday again

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Not everyone has an iron memory, and sometimes you risk tripping over them birthdays, perhaps of people who often meet for work. Remembering the dates of everyone you deal with on a daily basis is almost impossible, but technology can help us out. Google also wants to lend a hand, which on the app Contacts has added a potentially useful novelty to no longer run any risk.

On Google Contacts it was already possible to mark the birthday date of each contact in the address book, but in the last few hours it has been inserted possibility to receive a notification to make it almost impossible to forget a recurrence. The Twitter user who caught the news reports that he discovered it in the version of Google Contacts and to see it, but it is trivial, on all those contacts to which a date is associated.

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For some time now, a colored box has also appeared inside a card that warns us when the birthday is near or on the same day. Well, the ability to trigger a notification has been placed here as well, but it’s not the only way to ask the app to notify us at the right time.

In other cases, in fact, to activate the birthday notification, simply go to one of the contacts with the date, tap on the options (three vertical dots at the top right) and then up Add birthday notification which in Italian could be translated with Add birthday notification. We quote the English wording because it doesn’t seem that the novelty is widely disseminated, we haven’t seen it yet. But it will arrive: if, as often happens, Google has decided to distribute it with a server-side update, it will take a while, but it will arrive.

After months of lull, Contacts is getting some extra attention from Google. Last month, for example, the web app was made more versatile with the ability to create new contacts from other web applications, such as Gmail or Docs.

Photo by CB from Pixabay.

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