Google confirms, fixed microphone bug on Whatsapp for Android

google confirms, fixed microphone bug on whatsapp for android
google confirms, fixed microphone bug on whatsapp for android


In recent weeks, numerous reports have begun to circulate on the net regarding the constant and “unjustified” use of the microphone by Whatsapp on smartphones based on the Android operating system.


The WhatsApp team, however, had promptly assured of “have no intention of spying on anyone”, that users had full control over the microphone via smartphone settings and that this is being used “only when making a call or recording a video or voice note”.

At this point, doubts began to focus on Android. Called directly into question, Google, at least initially, had neither confirmed nor denied:

“We are aware of the issue and are working closely with WhatsApp to understand more.”

In the following days, after a more careful analysis, Google had officially “cleared” WhatsApp confirming that there was a bug on Android that he was already working on to fix:

“Based on our findings, the Android bug affects WhatsApp users and results in inaccurate notifications and guidance in the Privacy Dashboard. We are working on developing a fix”

Practically, the app wasn’t really using the microphone in the background but it was android showing some incorrect information in the Privacy Dashboard.


In the past few hours, via Twitter, Google has confirmed that the bug has been fixed and that users can now update WhatsApp by downloading it from the Google Play Store. Google also thanked the WhatsApp team for cooperation by apologizing “for any confusion this bug may have caused users.”

A recent Android bug affecting a limited number of WhatsApp users produced erroneous privacy indicators and notifications in the Android Privacy Dashboard.

Users can now update their WhatsApp app to address this issue.

We thank WhatsApp for their partnership and apologize…

— Android Developers (@AndroidDev) June 21, 2023

Apart from these statements, no more detailed information was offered on the cause of the problem which, contrary to what one might think, was corrected with an update of the app, not the operating system.

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