Google Chrome will have single-use permissions like Android

google chrome will have single use permissions like android.webp.webp.webp
google chrome will have single use permissions like android.webp.webp.webp

On Android there are permissions that are granted automatically and others that you must activate manually. In this second type, some permissions can be grant forever or just once. Now, Google Chrome for Android is going to adopt the same strategy.

The Single-use permissions are coming to Google Chrome, already appearing as Chrome Flag in the Canary version of Google Chrome, the most experimental. Canary is several versions ahead of the stable version, so it is expected that single-use permissions will reach all users within a couple of versions, if the experiment is a success.

Permission for now and no more

Google Chrome for Android is preparing to add single-use permissions, which are being tested in Google Chrome for desktop since version 116 of the browser, although they do not seem to be active in a general way either. Are basically the same as Android single-use permissions.

Chrome Canary for Android includes the Chrome Flag to activate single-use permissions on Android, although apparently the implementation is not yet fully functional, so it may be missing a couple of versions of maturity. That, together with the fact that it must first go through the Dev and Beta versions, means that there will probably still be several months before they reach the entire world with the stable version of Chrome for Android.


Screenshot by @Leopeva64

However, we know exactly how they will work. At the time of granting the location, microphone or camera permission For a website that we are visiting, we will have four options:

  • Close the window without selecting anything: which blocks the permission that time.
  • Allow this time: Temporarily allow only in this session.
  • Allow on each visit: Always allow.
  • Do not allow: Always block.

Whatever you select, you can always change your mind later by going into the site settings, clicking the icon that appears to the left of the address bar.

Image | @Leopeva64

Via | Android Police

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