Google Chrome: the tabs will soon change color according to your wallpapers


Google Chrome will soon become even more colorful, thanks to the arrival of the Material You design. The latter has already been used for several months to make the colors of Android dynamic, and will now attack the company’s Internet browser.

Google Chrome dynamic colors
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Google’s Material You will soon be available on Google Chrome for Mac, Windows, ChromeOS, and Linux, after being exclusive to the Android operating system for a while. Indeed, Google has added a new “flag” to the Canary version, which makes Chrome much more lively, but above all much more colorful.

By enabling the new feature, you will be able to automatically match the color of the title bar, bookmarks bar, and some browser menus to the themes of the wallpaper set on your new tab. So your internet browser colors should become much more consistent.

Google Chrome will become more colorful

As a reminder, Material You launched in 2021 with Android 12. Along with a new set of guidelines for UI component sizes and shapes, Material You also came with a color scheme. automatique. Google’s operating system is able to automatically pull colors from your wallpaper and apply them to the UI, and it’s exactly this feature that has made its way to Chrome Canary.

Obviously, since the feature is just starting to appear in Chrome Canary, we don’t expect to see these background-based dynamic color themes be launched before at least version 110, which is scheduled for release in February 2023. It is this version that will allow the browser to abandon Windows 7 and 8.1.

Waiting, if you use Google Canary, you can already manually enable the feature. To do this, go to chrome://flags/ in your search bar to access the secret Google settings panel. You should then be able to find the new flag by searching #customize-chrome-color-extraction. Once it appears, you can enable it, then restart Chrome. Chrome should then automatically match its colors to the wallpaper you set on the new tab page, but only if it’s one of Google’s preset wallpapers.

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