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Google Chrome, smarter thanks to AI

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Be it google chrome, Apple Safari, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, any other or a combination of two or more of them, The web browser is one of the applications that we use the most in our day to day. Whether for work, to communicate, for leisure, training or a thousand other uses, the web and its services have completely changed the way we use the PC and many other devices. Today, the browser is the door to almost everything.

Thus, it is normal that the companies that develop them tThey are so interested in capturing the largest share of users possible. This has been going on since the nineties, with some somewhat embarrassing episodes in its early years, and has continued until now, but in much better conditions, and from which we users benefit. And although it is a war that at the moment has Google Chrome as the great winner, we must not forget that these numbers move day by day, and that the applicants do not rest, so neither can Google.

On the other hand, artificial intelligence is gaining ground day after day, we already find it, although it is not visible, in personalized recommendations, optimal settings for certain conditions, etc., and browsers do not escape this trend. Thus, and as we can read on the official Google blog, Google Chrome will soon add some AI-based features that can substantially improve the user experience.

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On the one hand, intelligence based on machine learning will analyze our relationship with the messages that offer us to receive notifications from the web pages, an element that is sometimes very practical but in others becomes a heavy nightmare, in order to automatically block these messages. In this case, if Google Chrome blocks notifications from a website, it will inform us about it in the omnibox (the browser’s search and URL bar).

On the other hand, Google developers have valued que the use made of the Google Chrome toolbar it varies both according to the user and the nature of the website they are visiting. Thus, his proposal is that the toolbar be dynamic and, by learning from the use that each person makes of it, be able to adapt its content to the user and context, always trying to offer more direct access to the functions that is more likely to want to use at any time.

With Microsoft making great and positive efforts to improve Edge and Apple fighting to stay in second position in the ranking, the competition is still open, and although in the short and medium term Google Chrome will continue to reign, it is positive and to be thankful that they do not fall asleep in the laurels and keep working to improve your browser, just like Microsoft and Apple do.

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