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Google Chrome is updated and now gets along much better with your laptop’s battery

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One of the things in which the google chrome browser can be clearly improved is in the consumption it has when using it with laptops. There are other options that, until now, were much more efficient. But things have changed, or at least Mountain View is trying to do so, due to two new features coming to the stable version of this software. To be able to enjoy the options that we are going to talk about, you must have version 110 of Google Chrome installed. Otherwise, you will continue to function as usual, which is not so bad either, it must be said. The fact is that for some time the company that owns Android has been working on a couple of new tools that will save battery life when using the browser, and this is excellent news for those who use this development, which is the one with the largest market share. currently. These are the two new features of Google Chrome The first is called Memory Saver and what it does is release it when there are tabs that are not in use. In this way, space is freed, allowing the battery not to have to spend energy in the task requested by the operating system. The information is not lost, and if the tab is activated, boot performance is almost undetectable (it is possible to make exceptions to the rule if necessary). The fact is that this new function frees up resources and, therefore, is positive both for achieving better computer performance and for saving battery life. This function has been tested for some time now and the truth is that the results are quite good both in terms of stability and reduced consumption. The second feature coming to Google Chrome is called Battery Saver. It is designed so that when there is little power left, this option comes into operation (something similar to what happens with smartphones), which will reduce the animations that are seen on the web or the reproduction of videos. You can set an activation percentage, the default being 20%, which is quite a sensible figure. These options are enabled It is surprising that in Google Chrome 110 these new features are enabled by default, something that is not usual in the way of proceeding in the company. But its performance is so good, that it has been decided that this is the case. In the event that you do not like what they offer, you can write what we leave below to proceed to turn it off: chrome://flags/#battery-saver-mode-disponiblechrome://flags/#high-efficiency- mode-available >

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