Google Chrome: Four new smart features on iOS devices


In addition to releasing an update for conflict issues with Malwarebytes on Windows 11, Google has released another major update for Google Chrome, in this case dedicated to the version for Apple mobile devices. In fact, the mobile version of the browser is enriched with four features for iOS designed to significantly improve the browsing experience thanks to the direct integration of Maps, Calendar, Translator and Lens functions.

Let’s start with the integration between Google Chrome and Google Maps which no longer needs to be opened to access the map. With the update, artificial intelligence allows you to press on an address to open a mini-screen of Google Maps directly from the browser.

With regard to Google Calendar, also in this case it is possible to use the application directly from the browser, holding down on a date to create the related event without having to open the application. At this point, Chrome itself completes, if possible, the fields relating to title, time, information and location.

Even in the case of Google translator, the integration of the application in the browser allows you to use the service without having to open the application. To translate a text, simply select it and choose the Google Translate item, without interruptions in navigation.

Things do not change in the case of Google Lens, integrated directly into the search bar where the service icon now appears that can be used quickly and without having to exit the browser. The icing on the cake, therefore, for a bunch of novelties that are undoubtedly able to improve the overall usability of Google Chrome.

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