Google Chrome for Android will allow screenshots in incognito mode

Google Chrome for Android will allow screenshots in incognito mode
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the application of Google Chrome will allow users to do screenshots while using the browser incognito. This way, it will be possible to browse without having the browser history saved and also to make captures, which can be useful for those who want to keep their activities private.

So far, the app does not allow screenshots to be taken when using incognito mode. But, according to information from the leaker Mishaal Rahman (@MishaalRahman), this should change soon, as a new flag was found named “Improved Incognito Screenshots“.

As with other flags, the user can choose to activate or deactivate this option if he so desires. Therefore, the pop-up window that appeared when trying to remove ‘print‘ from the screen in Chrome should no longer appear when triggering the feature in incognito mode. This feature will only be available on versions above Android 13.

It is worth mentioning that this functionality is not yet available in the stable version of the app, but it can already be found in the Canary variant of the Google browser. With this function, the thumbnail of screenshots taken in this mode will not be displayed, which can help with privacy.

Although interesting, it is not yet known when this function will be available to everyone definitively. However, the expectation is that the arrival of the flag should not take too long. Finally, also check out the AI ​​functions that arrived in the browser in its version for iOS, as well as the update of the Picture-in-Picture feature of Meet in the app.

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