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Google Chrome adds a new feature designed for people with dyslexia

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The Google team announced a number of new accessibility features for some of its core products.

And among them, we find an interesting change in Google Chrome, which will make navigation easier for users. A dynamic that applies to both the desktop version of Chrome and the mobile app.

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Google Chrome will help you type the correct URL

On the occasion of World Accessibility Awareness Day, Google announced a series of updates to its accessibility products and features. And one of them has to do with a new dynamic for Google Chrome.

As mentioned by the Google team, Chrome will detect when a URL is typed with typos in the address bar, and automatically correct it to direct the user to the correct website. Or it may suggest different websites considering the error and the possible results.

This increases accessibility for people with dyslexia, language learners, and anyone who makes typos by making it easier to access previously visited websites despite misspellings.

More accessibility options in Google Chrome

This will prevent the user from typing the same error over and over again, or going to the wrong website. A dynamic that we have already seen in other web browsers, such as Edge. Microsoft’s browser has a typo checker to warn the user and protect him from phishing attacks.

In the case of Chrome, it is a function that is already available in the desktop version of Google Chrome, and that will be implemented in the coming months in the mobile app.

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On the other hand, the Google team recalled other functions that have been implemented with the latest updates in the web browser. For example, Chrome for Android has a new way to manage tabs. This will allow them to organize and manage the tabs according to their browsing needs.

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