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Google Chat: the successor to Hangouts already allows multiple sending of photos and videos

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Earlier this month Google Chat finally put an end to the agony of Hangouts, taking over on our mobile devices from the conversations we had open with the old Google messaging service. Now a few weeks later, the Google Workspace chat app receives an important update.

During these days google-chat is going to receive a new update, which is expected to reach all users on October 3, which will activate a function in the application that will surprise more than one user if it did not yet have it: the Multiple sending of photos and videos.

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Multicast comes to Google Chat

Yes, since Google launched Google Chat in 2018 -previously under the name of Hangouts Chat- the messaging client did not allow selecting more than one image or video when we were going to send a message, which forced us to have to send a message for each photo or video that we wanted to share.

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With the new version of this month of September whose update began to arrive in stages since last September 15, it finally solves this, and from a single message we can send multiple photos and videos with Google Chat.

Google Chat Multiple

Specifically we can send up to 20 photos and videos at once from Google Chat in a message. Now from the multimedia selector we can select several files at the same time. To do this, we just have to make a long press on the first element and then touch the rest of the images and videos to share.

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This is not the only news that Google Chat is receiving these days. In the web version the smart answers in spanishFrench and Portuguese so you can reply to some messages quickly with a single mouse click, without having to type.

Via | 9to5Google

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