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Google celebrates Valentine’s Day with a Doodle in the rain

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The doodle for February 14 is two drops of water coming together to form a heart.

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, Google designed a doodle special inspired by one of the most romantic moments that several films portray: love in the rain.

With this special design for the home, the search engine wants to celebrate one of the most special days of the year for lovers “in which people from all over the world express their affection to their lovers, friends and partners through gifts, congratulations and much more.” further”.

The image that appears this February 14 is the company logo with a blurred pink background and raindrops in front, as if it were a window. Two of those drops come together and form a heart.

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This Doodle is available in much of Latin America, in countries like Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Peru, Colombia and Puerto Ricoin addition to other nations in Europe, Asia, Oceania and North America.

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The doodle for February 14 is two drops of water coming together to form a heart.

The doodle for February 14 is two drops of water coming together to form a heart.

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What is the origin of Valentine’s Day?

There are two stories facing the reason for this date. On the one hand, it is said that during the Middle Ages, European countries such as England and France they believed that February 14 was the beginning of the mating season for birds.

So they began to associate this phenomenon with love and soon after the romantic celebrations began, until the celebration became popular all over the world around the 17th century.

Another version is that in the third century in Rome the emperor Claudius II He prohibited marriages in the young, because he considered that when the workers got married they stopped being strong soldiers, because they had more ties and sentimental ties.

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But in the midst of all this, a priest named Valentine began to secretly celebrate marriages of young lovers and that is why Valentine is the patron saint of all lovers.

A story that gained more strength when the priest was sentenced to death on February 14, 270.

This festivity has its origin for several years in the Middle Ages.
This festivity has its origin for several years in the Middle Ages.

Years later another important moment arose, when Esther A Howland In 1840 he began distributing cards for lovers in his father’s bookstore in Worcester, Mass.. These products began to become popular and became one of the most important details for this time.

Valentine’s Day It is one of the festivities that are celebrated in more countries, initially it began in Europe in nations like Spain, Austria, Belgium, France and Italy. In Latin America it is celebrated in Chile, Cuba, Ecuador, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Uruguay and PeruMeanwhile in Colombia this date is celebrated in September, as the month of love and friendship.

Network filters on Valentine’s Day

‘How am I going to spend Valentine’s Day’ is the first filter that millions of users are using on the platform, where people record themselves type selfies and the filter answers the question. You have several options and some of them have not left people happy.

“More sunshine than one o’clock”, “With a broken heart”, “Confined with covid”, “Well accompanied as a couple”, “”Listening to sad music while it rains”, “Crying in your room”, are some of the default responses that this filter has.

‘How will you spend Valentine’s Day’ is another of the filters that are available on the platform and that many people have used to find out their destination for this coming February 14

In this he shows it in a particular way, where he answers three questions, where?, with whom? and Meanwhile… And there are particular responses that this filter has given and left some with their hair on end.

Like for example: Where? “Cemetery”, with whom? “Your bestie” While “You do selfies”. And how are there many where users are left wondering if that is really going to happen.

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