Google Calendar, Material You widget restyling coming soon

google calendar, material you widget restyling coming soon
google calendar, material you widget restyling coming soon

Google finally seems to be working on a series of widgets for Calendar whose first concepts were even shown two years ago, when the Material You stylistic language was shown to the public for the first time, the third generation of Material Design (the second, for completeness, it was called Material Theme and debuted in 2018) which has been with us since the days of Android 5 Lollipop.

The new widgets can already be activated by tinkering with the Android app code in version 2023.22.1-537255951 and activating a hidden flag; they change significantly even if they don’t distort, the style of both the agenda widget and the one with the monthly summary. For example, the + button at the top right to add new events/appointments is larger and easier to spot, also thanks to the use of the system theme accent color.

The borders of the various graphic elements also change a bit, fonts and layout; the monthly summary loses the different colored background for the header bar at the top, and it is possible that the number of items/events displayed at the same size may change.

As always, for now there are no indications that allow us to understand when Google will decide to release the widgets officially. The fact that it is sufficient to enable a simple flag programmatically and the fact that the work already seems well finished and accurate leads us to think that don’t go there much yet but with Google it is always difficult to make reliable predictions.

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