Google Calendar improves with the new integration of Tasks

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Google has updated its Calendar application to better manage the tasks that are created, in addition to the app’s own events.

Google is a company that is characterized by updating and changing its own applications a lot, in addition to closing some when they believe they are not relevant to their strategy. We see these changes in applications such as Google Photos or Google Maps, which are updated every few weeks with numerous new features.

One that doesn’t usually get as much attention but that many people use even more than the other two is the Calendar. Google made a big change by integrating tasks into this Calendarbeing able to not only create events in it, but also showing the different tasks on the assigned days.

Now has improved the way to create new tasks from the Android app, which has slightly modified the interface. Starting a task or event on the calendar was something that was done just by pressing the + icon button on the main screen, but now it can be changed later.

Task or Event

When you are organizing a new meeting or a new task in Calendar, it may be clear whether you want to create a task or an event. Perhaps for a meeting the latter is more comfortable and to remember that we have to make the purchase better first.

However, it was something that had to be decided a priori, since if you started creating a new element you couldn’t change your mind on the fly. Until now. Google has updated the application interface so that, While the new record is being created, you can switch between Event or Task very easily.

New Calendar app interface

This has been achieved introducing a new row of buttons at the top of the creation of the records. Now, when you start creating one, you can click on the Task or Event button to convert it into one of the type you decide. There are also two buttons that automatically select the necessary email accounts.

One is Workplace, which changes the calendar to the work account you have on your mobile. The opposite happens with Out of work. The idea is interesting, but it is a problem for those people who want to use the same calendar for everything.

New buttons in the interface

Let’s hope that in future updates Google will change this and allow us to choose the calendar we want even for when we are leaving or entering work. This interface change is now live and should appear to all users who have the updated Calendar app.

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