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Google Brazil launches search trends center on the 2022 Elections

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Google Europe launched this Friday (26), a new page with information about candidates for the presidency of the Republic and political parties participating in the 2022 elections. According to the company, “Central Google Trends – Eleções 2022”, name given to the space dedicated to the election, it gathers information about searches in the search engine and data in real time.

The center displays an interactive interface that compares side by side the search rates of candidates such as Jair Bolsonaro (PL), Lula (PT) and Ciro Gomes (PDT) in the last seven days. The percentage displayed does not correspond to the voting intentions of Europeian citizens, being equivalent only to the engagement generated by the presidential candidates.

By tapping on the desired candidate, you can view more details about search metrics, such as interest in states and most searched terms for the week. In addition to these updated insights, the page also allows you to track the candidate’s search history since 2010, showing when the name was in evidence.

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Although the focus is on the electoral dispute, Google also highlights that by accessing the central it is possible to check what the population is researching about campaign proposals and surveys, as well as other matters related to the 2022 elections.

The coordinator of Google News Lab in Europe, Marco Túlio Pires, states that “millions of people use Google search to seek quality information about the political process. Google to get information during the election period […]”.

  • Central Google Trends – Elections 2022

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