Google Bard throws a dart at ChatGPT and Bing: So you can create your images using AI

google bard throws a dart at chatgpt and bing so.jpeg
google bard throws a dart at chatgpt and bing so.jpeg

Bard, Google’s proprietary intelligent conversational system, has taken a giant leap towards creation of images based on its Artificial Intelligence tool, competing directly with its two rivals in this field, ChatGPT and Bing. This is the key feature that Mountain Valley was missing so that users could increase their user experience and thus compare to see who is the best chat assistant.

You have probably used an Artificial Intelligence program to create images in a simple way by simply describing the result you want to obtain in a few lines. There are several applications or web pages that make this possible, but among the best known, so far, are ChatGPT, from OpenAI, and Bing, from Microsoft.

In this way, Google wanted to join the party, and better late than never, incorporating a new function in which your Bard imagination leads the way for spectacular photorealistic images. Below we will tell you what method the technology giant uses to process them and how it is used.

ImageFX, the new Google Bard AI

Google Bard has received an unexpected update that, among all its new features, includes the possibility of creating images and music from a series of Artificial Intelligence applications that the company has launched: ImageFX, MusicFX and TextFX.

Although MusicFX and TextFX were already part of the functions that Bard can perform, improvements have been made that are worth trying out if you haven’t already. In the case of Image FX, you will be able to launch your most creative ideas in the blink of an eye through a generative AI fully trained to generate images, although the only drawback is that you will have to know English, since this tool works via text message.

Although these programs are only available in the United States, New Zealand, Kenya and Australia, you can try it. To do this, go to this link and log in with your Google account. Next, you must write a description in English, for example, «create an image of a cat on the skateboard» (create an image of a cat on a skateboard), and you will automatically be able to view the result in a matter of seconds.

As the company has highlighted on its blog, “ImageFX is a new tool from Labs that allows people to create images with simple prompts, and includes a fast interface with expressive chips that allow you to quickly experiment with adjacent dimensions of your creation and ideas.”

Google Bard create AI images

Improvements to AI music and text generation

Google has also introduced a series of changes to its applications MusicFX, the creator of melodies with just a description, and TextFX, an AI experiment for writers with the possibility of exploring new ways to enhance writing.

When it comes to music, the audio quality has been improved and now users can Generate songs up to 70 seconds long, and they can even be downloaded and shared. It’s much faster than before. According to Google, up to 10 million tracks have been created.

On the contrary, writing is another of the resources that technology is taking care of the most, where It has been increased user experience and navigation.

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