Google Bard is now Gemini and comes with an app to stand up to ChatGPT

Information It was leaked a few days ago And finally, it’s official: We have to say goodbye to Google Bard and say hello to Google Gemini. Google has made one of its plays again and has changed the name of its artificial intelligence system. And it is something that makes a lot of sense, as we will see below.

But be careful, it is not the only thing, since Google has confirmed that it will begin to charge for its most advanced AI -Gemini Advanced- and announces the launch of the Gemini application on Android to confront the ChatGPT app. Below, we give you all the details and, surely, bad news if you were waiting for the Gemini app.

Goodbye, Google Bard, it’s time to welcome Gemini

The truth is that Bard as such has not lasted long. After a little less than a year with us, Google has decided to fire Bard. Well, at least as a commercial name, since what they have done is rename their artificial intelligence system.

It’s something that makes a lot of sense for two reasons. The first is that Bard did not get off to a very good start and, in fact, asked in our tests when we compared it against ChatGPT. That may be one of the reasons behind the name change, so that Let’s not assume that Bard is still the same even if he has a new brain behind him.

The second reason is, precisely, that brain. For a few weeks now, Bard has been powered by Gemini, Google’s new multimodal AI that arrived in Spain a few days ago and that, in our new comparison against GPT, does not fare badly at all.

In order to make things easier, and erase that small stain from the name ‘Bard’, Google has decided to take a turn and rename its system. Now it is simply called Gemini:

“Our mission with Bard has always been to give you direct access to our AI models and Gemini represents our most capable family of models. To reflect this, Bard will be known simply as Gemini.”

However, Gemini is made up of three language models:

  • Gemini Ultra – The most powerful and largest model, for highly complex tasks. It is what powers Gemini Advanced, the new payment service.
  • Gemini Pro – The best model to scale in a wide range of tasks. This is the one who gives life to Gemini (former Bard).
  • Gemini Nano – The most efficient model to execute tasks directly on a device. This is something that has already reached Pixel 8 Pro and it is expected to reach more mobile phones.
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Therefore, and in an easier way for everyone, Google has called its new AI exactly the same as the engine behind it.

Google Gemini App, the great rival of the ChatGPT app

On the other hand, Google has announced the launch of the Gemini application, and it has quite a bit of crumb. To start, yes, we have a new app called Gemini that is the competition of ChatGPT. With it we will be able to interact through text to request information or to generate an image, but also through photos or voice because it is multimodal.

However, On Android we can select to have our usual Google Assistant or change it for Gemini. We will access it with a long press on the off button, sliding one of the corners on certain phones, saying “Hey, Google” or accessing it through the app and we will be able to make the requests that we usually make to Assistant.

Google states that, at the moment, there are many commands available such as making calls, setting a timer or controlling home automation, but that they are working to expand the options.

If you have iOS, you can also use Gemini, but not with an app. For now, Gemini can be accessed through the Google application. This will be implemented in the coming weeks and, just like in Bing with Copilot, we will have to tap on the Gemini icon and start interacting.

Gemini is rolling out on both Android and iOS in the United States and in English. Over the next few weeks, it will be available on all devices in the North American country. Next week the app and service will be accessible in English, Japanese and Korean from more locations and, According to Google, it will soon be available in more countries and languages.

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So, the negative part is that we are left without the Gemini app in Spain and Latin America, at least for the moment.

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