The Google Assistant is an element that is increasingly taking center stage in the use of smartphones. His improvement has been exponential and these moments he is even capable of executing routines when we arrive or leave the house. This shows excellent integration with other devices and how you can automate many tasks. In that sense, the company brings an update to the Google Assistant routines with support for location.

In that sense, in addition to activating processes when we are at home or going out, we can define additional locations where certain tasks will be executed.

Google Assistant routines have location support

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The Assistant is able to know when we leave or arrive home and from this event, it can begin to carry out the tasks that you have proposed. For example, instead of turning off the data and turning on the WiFi yourself when you get home, you could have it done automatically. These tasks can also be integrated with other smart devices you have at home. The interesting thing is how now the Google Assistant routines are executed based on the location, that is, it will be able to recognize places in addition to your home.

This new feature gives users more control when carrying out wizard tasks. That is, Google has opened the door to adding additional places to the house to trigger routines.

This new option is located in the Starters menu, that is, where the conditions to start the processes are found. The last option refers to the menu to define processes when you arrive or leave home and there you will find the possibility of adding the new locations. This is extremely useful because you can activate, for example, the wireless charging of the mobile to use the Power Bank when you arrive at the place where you are waiting for the bus.

The function has begun to be deployed from Friday, October 15, so if it has not reached your team, it will surely do so soon.