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Google Assistant now lets you check your Google Fit and Fitbit activity

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We no longer have to open the app Googlefit either Fitbit to check our health and physical activity data, and both applications for sports have been integrated with the Google assistant.

This means that now through voice commands we can ask the google assistant by our steps, calories, distance, heart rate and others data that has been tracked by Google Fit or Fitbit.

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This is the integration of Google Fit and Fitbit with the Assistant

Activity Google Assistant

To be able to consult our physical activity data through the google assistant the first thing we have to do is link Google Fit or Fitbit through from the wizard settings. By default this integration is disabled.

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Is in Google Settings > Wellbeing > Activity where for the first time we can link the services of GoogleFit I Fitbit to be able to consult by voice some of our physical activity data. During binding we have to choose what activity data we want to share with the Assistant.

Once Google Fit and/or Fitbit have been linked with the Google Assistant, we will be able to say “Hey Google” to ask about our steps, duration, pace, calories burned, active minutes, Heart Points, distance traveled or heart rate. For example we can say “Hey Google, how many steps have I taken today”, “how many kilometers have I walked today” or “how many calories have I burned”.

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