Google anticipates some news of the I / O 2022


Everything is ready for the usual annual Google conference, the inevitable opportunity to take stock of the news coming in the article ecosystem of products and services of the Mountain View house. The appointment is set for tomorrow (May 11) with the opening keynote starting at 7.00 pm (Italian time), but it will be two days full of events and announcements.


Google has already released the main I / O 2022 calendar, and in the past few hours has provided more information about the announcements scheduled with a poll aimed at users. The official Android Twitter account asked what are the most anticipated updates relating to four macro categories:

  • updates of safety
  • updates on the messaging
  • updates cross-device – a reference that could be linked to the innovations announced at the latest edition of the CES
  • new partnership

#GoogleIO is now loading… Which update are you most excited to see on May 11–12?

With one day left to close the survey, public preferences focus on cross-device functionality, followed by interest in messaging platforms and in third place interest in security updates.

Echoes the official account Material Design with a similar survey which, however, focuses on new user interface including editable fonts (see the recent introduction of Roboto Flex) and new features for accessibility and chat.

That’s all? Not exactly. These points can be considered a first contact with the topics covered in the conference, but there should be announcements on new hardware devices, since it was CEO Sundar Pichai himself who confirmed this recently. The anticipation grows for Pixel 6a and Pixel Watch. Granted then that Android 13 will return to the spotlight to take stock of its development pending the stable version that will arrive after the summer.

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