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Google announces new Search features for more ways to search for a topic

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Google announced new features for Search on Wednesday afternoon (28), at its event Search On 22. The company said it focuses on making life easier for internet users when it comes to getting search results.

One of the inclusions is more keyword options to help when searching for a topic. Thus, you can find what you want faster, with greater relevance in the contents.

After performing the search, Artificial Intelligence will give a greater context to what you are looking for. This optimization tends to bring greater personalization to what the user intends to find.

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If you want to know the best tourist attractions in a specific city, for example, Search will take advantage of indications from more users to suggest ideas to the internet user.


One of the new features is Multitsearch. It allows you to use more than one way of searching to get the result. In other words, you can insert a photo or screenshot, plus text in the image, in addition to a common question.

An example is searching for a t-shirt to find where to buy it. You can insert a capture of the outfit, in addition to asking where you can find a similar one. The information is crossed through the algorithm, which will show the result on Google Shopping.

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The Google app even comes with the “near me” filter differential, in order to show you where to find a specific restaurant, for example, and take advantage of it to help local businesses.

For now, Multisearch can only be found in the English language. The intention is that it will arrive with more than 70 languages ​​in the coming months – Europeian Portuguese is included in the list.

Google Lens as a translator

1664425876 203 Google announces new Search features for more ways to search

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Google Lens has received improvements to its role as a real-time translator. It will have a new AI, which will insert translated texts into the image itself, with greater visual fidelity.

Google’s intention is to provide a more natural integrated augmented reality, so you don’t notice the difference. Google points out that this process can be done in 100 milliseconds – faster than blinking an eye.

Until then, the translation uses white text boxes with different fonts than the original ones, which makes the experience more artificial in its look.

The plan is to launch this expansion globally by the end of this year 2022.

Google Shopping features and filters

1664425876 672 Google announces new Search features for more ways to search

Google Shopping was also contemplated with new features during Search On. The platform will now have 3D images of products displayed in Search. It will be possible to check a shoe from various angles, for example.

This will happen thanks to an Artificial Intelligence created for the search engine, in which sellers will have the opportunity to automate 360-degree turns through a series of photos of the objects.

The service will also feature dynamic filters to check the size and colors of products, within a more complete shopping guide. Thus, you can see in detail the variables of all items.

The filters are now available from this Wednesday (28) to all Google Search users worldwide. While the 3D images will only arrive at the beginning of 2023 in the United States, with no forecast for other locations, such as Europe.

So, did you like the news from Google to improve Search? Share with us your opinion!

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