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Google already tests its new operating system Fuchsia in the Nest Hub

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Those of Mountain View have been working on a new operating system for years, which could replace Android in the long term, although it is something that is not yet clear. The fact is that this operating system called Fuchsia it goes ahead, with numerous tests, and it is no secret that the firm continues to test it. The latest example is that of one of its most popular devices, such as the nest Hub that the firm launched back in 2018, which has been selling until just one or two months ago that the new generation was presented. Fuchsia continues to give new signs of life, and these now come from tests within a well-known certification.

Closer to market

In this case, we are not talking about one more test, but about the passing of one of your devices through one of the key certifications to launch a device on the market. We talk about the Bluetooth SIG, which is the place where devices typically test this connectivity to verify that everything meets the relevant standards. This step through the Bluetooth certification of a Nest Hub would not have anything special if in the software section it was not mentioned that the device has passed the test with “Fuchsia 1.0” or what is the same, the first version of this new Google operating system. This does not mean that the current Nest Hub will be able to be updated to this new system, but that the new devices of this type of the brand could incorporate it soon.

Google Nest Hub Google

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This new operating system has not yet shown its face as it is, and it is not very clear what it can contribute differently to the current Android. It is a system that seems more secure than Android, and that would be viable both for more closed devices like these Nest Hubs, where user action is very limited, as well as for mobile phones, tablets and even laptops. What confirms this step of the Nest Hub for Bluetooth certification is that far from being dead, this new operating system seems quite active within the Mountain View company.

We will see how much time is left for this development to become something real in the future, at least with this step through certification we are closer. This year we will also know a new operating system, such as HarmonyOS, developed by Huawei to fill the lack of Google services and apps. So in this decade we could see important changes in this field, involving the main market players.


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