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Google already has the SDK ready for the Matter home automation standard supported by Apple, Amazon and even IKEA

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google announced in the past Google I/O that a strong push for the Matter open standard was coming from their respective platforms. A few months later, the company has taken a very important step as it has put in the hands of developers a series of SDKs (software development kits) so they can adapt their apps.

The company has announced the arrival of up to three new development tools to connect with Matter: The new ‘Google Home Developer Console’ in a developer-only preview, the new ‘Google Home Device SDK’ and the new ‘Google Home Mobile SDK’. All are now available for download.

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Creating software and devices for Matter is already possible


The idea for Matter was originally born in 2019, when it was announced that the ‘Project Connected Home over IP’ alliance had been created, with the acronym nothing forced from CHIP. Heavyweights such as amazon, Google, Samsung and even IKEA joined this alliance. The standard as such arrived in the year 2021specifically in the month of May, and a year and a few months later, Google has released SDKs prepared for it.

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As a standard, seeing the Matter logo on any device will mean that the product is ready to work with any compatible system. And that, from today, also includes the ecosystem of Google Home products because we already have the development kits that will allow programmers to adapt their apps for it.

The first contribution of Google software comes in the form of a new development console prepared to fine-tune the products of the Home ecosystem. It’s about the ‘Google Home Developer Console’ which is currently released in its previous version for developers. In other words, it’s not even a beta yet, it’s just in the previous step.

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Along with this new development console come two SDKs that will allow developers to both adapting your current systems to the new standard and creating them from scratch. And this includes from the device itself, with its integrated software, to applications from Android that can communicate with any device compatible with the Matter standard.

More information and downloads | Google

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