Google already allows you to interact with sneakers for sale virtually

Google is implementing a more attractive way to make purchases, although the truth is that the capabilities that it is launching today in its search engine in the United States have already been used for a long time by other e-commerce platforms for a series of categories. of products.

We are facing what could become the reinvention of Google search experiences, since the company now allows you to virtually discover models of sports shoes from a series of brands through the use of 3D and augmented reality.

In this way, when users are interested in a specific model, they will be able to interact with it, being able to see it from different perspectives through 360º movements, and they will even be able to include it virtually in their own physical spaces through augmented reality.

Google takes into account that:

Shoppers engage with 3D images 50% more than static ones, presenting a huge opportunity for brands.

For now it supports interactions with shoe models from brands like Saucony, Vans, Sperry and Merrell, although Google promises that many other brands will be supported in the future. This launch comes a few months after its presentation at the Search On event last September.

Now the challenge is to find a way to make it easier for merchants to have 3D models of their products at the lowest possible cost and effort, despite the fact that the main brands have been able to have their 3D assets generated with their own resources.

In this regard, Google is working on a technology that makes it possible to create 3D models of objects such as shoes, betting on machine learning, seeking that it is enough to take a few photos to generate 3D models of the shoes (or of any other object).

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On the other hand, Google is also updating its augmented reality beauty feature to make it easier to use and more inclusive, now with a new library of photos with 148 models that represent, according to what they say, a “diverse spectrum of tones skin types, ages, genders, face shapes, ethnicities and underrepresented skin types”, which will allow buyers to have up to 2,000 foundation shades, better helping them find the most suitable.

In this situation, all buyers have to do is:

Google a foundation shade at a variety of prices and brands, like “Clinique Even Better Foundation.” You’ll see what that foundation looks like on models with a similar skin tone, including before and after shots, to help you decide which works best for you. Once you’ve found one you like, simply select a retailer to shop.

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