Google already allows to know the monuments through Augmented Reality


Since Google began to launch 3D objects under Augmented Reality last year through mobile searches, they have not stopped expanding the library that hosts them so that users can search for them from their Android and iOS mobile devices with the The objective is that they can delve deeper into them, even being able to get a better idea thanks to their integration in real spaces so that, in certain cases, the real dimensions of them can also be perceived.

To the current existing 3D objects, dedicated to animals, science, characters and more, the arrival of 3D objects dedicated to monuments, up to a total of 98 3D objects that refer to the world’s best-known monuments.

A total of 98 3D objects dedicated to the most famous monuments

As with the rest of 3D objects, users have to search for them from their mobile devices, and in the list of results, in addition to being able to see a rotating 3D recreation, they will also have the possibility of placing them in their real spaces under Augmented Reality, as well as the possibility of taking photos and videos.

As they comment on 9to5Google, this time, These new 3D objects do not offer the maximum resolution level as other 3D objects can offer given the size of the monuments themselves to which it refers, allowing to have a miniature version of them in physical spaces as if they were dioramas. tried.

Among the 98 3D objects dedicated to monuments, we find options as well known as La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, ​​the Brooklyn Bridge, Big Ben in London, the Palace of Westminster in London, the Alhambra in Granada, and St. Peter’s Basilica. from Rome, among many other options.

It only remains to spend time and browse the different monuments available, which are not exactly few, and that we can know thanks to Augmented Reality and without moving from where we are with our Android and iOS mobile devices.

You can consult the complete list of 3D objects dedicated to monuments at 9to5Google.