Google adds new options that make planning a trip easier

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The Google team announced a series of new tools to make it simple to plan a trip from the Internet.

A combination of functions that will help you get the best deal on flights, get accommodation and take into account different details when planning a trip.

Google adds new functions to find accommodation and flights

One of the new options that is being added to Google Flights is the possibility of tracking the prices of a flight without corresponding to a specific date. So you can simply search for a destination and set an alert for Google to notify you if there is a significant price drop in the next 3-6 months.

A different dynamic than the one we find today, which allows us to monitor the prices to travel to a destination by establishing a specific date. So we’ll have two options for tracking prices and getting travel deals, whether you have a date in mind or a more flexible schedule.

And what about the accommodation? If you take a look at Google Travel you will find that a new option is added to find accommodation on your trips. This will allow you to specify that you want to see options in accommodations that are within 15 or 30 minutes of travel from your location.

A practical option if you are attending a seminar, a wedding or an event, and you need to be as close as possible to the place. And of course, you will continue to have the filters that allow you to search for accommodation taking into account different criteria.

And if you are not planning a long trip but are thinking of a getaway near your location, you can check out the new option that the “Google Explore” tool. The new option allows you to find places within a few hours of travel from your location, with all the information you need, such as weather, hotels, flights, activities, etc.

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