Google accidentally reveals some Pixel Tablet screen protectors

Google accidentally reveals some Pixel Tablet screen protectors
google accidentally reveals some pixel tablet screen protectors.jpeg

A few days before the Pixel Tablet was officially unveiled, it seems that Google leaked a small app on the Play Store, revealing in advance some screen protectors for the device. Now with the page offline, the Google Dreams was spotted by the 9to5Google portal.

One of the promises of the Pixel Tablet is its ability to function as a Google Assistant smart display when docked and not in active use. To do that, the tablet will need to emulate some of the most popular features of the Nest Hub series, including Cast support, Google Photos slideshow, as well as being a clock face.

As part of Android 13, Google overhauled the screensaver menus for Pixel phones, but this improved feature has been effectively unused since then. The Dreams app, in addition to the Pixel Tablet, must be installable on other devices — such as the Galaxy Tab, as tested by 9to5Google.

It includes several new options, including full-screen clocks, a Google Photos slideshow, and even Google’s beloved Weather Frog.

And you, are you excited about the launch of the Pixel Tablet? What are your expectations?

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