Goodbye typing with the TV remote: this way you can use your mobile phone as if it were a remote control

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814929143 238189959 1706x960.jpg

Thanks to Android TV it is possible to use your mobile phone to write on the television in a more comfortable and easier way than with the remote control.


One of the great advantages that smart televisions have is that they are devices thanks to which it is possible to download applications, access different streaming platforms and even browse the internet. In Spain there are increasingly good offers on this type of devices, which makes them increasingly more accessible.

However, both when configuring it and in day-to-day use, writing a password or Searching on a streaming service can be really tedious, since the way to do it is to press letter by letter. And if you want to make this process more comfortable, there are only two solutions: buy a Bluetooth keyboard or use your cell phone as a keyboard.

The second option is free and immediate, although you have to configure a couple of things first. Yes indeed, It is worth the little time it takes to invest.since every time you want to write it will be as easy as taking out your cell phone.

How to write from your mobile

The biggest advantage of this method is that it is integrated into Android TV natively, so you will only have to download the Google TV application on your mobile to activate this feature.

This is free on Google Play, and has the advantage that it is capable of connecting to the television and functioning as a remote control without the need for infrared. You just have to download it and pair it with the TV, while both devices are connected to the same WiFi network.

After this, a controller icon will appear at the bottom of the application. If you click on it, you can access a virtual handle that allows you to control all aspects of the television. It can be a great alternative if the original is lost or runs out of battery.

This section hides the secret that, yes, a text box is open on the television to write, it will automatically open the mobile keyboard and a box to see the preview of what is written. This will appear simultaneously on the TV, avoiding having to use their remote to write. This is a method that makes this process much more comfortable and allows you to log in or search quickly and easily.

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