Goodbye to WhatsApp between athletes: Strava is updated with the chat function, this is its new experience

goodbye to whatsapp between athletes strava is updated with the chat function, this is its new experience
goodbye to whatsapp between athletes strava is updated with the chat function, this is its new experience

The last star feature released on Strava was the possibility of using Spotify for those physical workouts that are carried out through this platform. And Strava has more than 100 million athletes around the planet to announce the arrival of messaging or chats today.

Strava has become a great platform not only because of its wide range of options, but because it is the reference for uploading the data collected from the different watches and bracelets manufactured by all the brands that design this type of wearable devices. In fact, the value of a watch or bracelet increases if it offers Strava support , since with all the fragmentation in health apps that do not ‘understand’ each other, their data can be exported to be imported into Strava.

This arrival is due to the fact that the platform’s research reveals that athletes improve their performance when they do it in a group or as a couple. A new communication channel to coordinate running trips, connect for recommendations or tricks or simply share the challenge completed.

This is how Strava chat works

Strava says this new version arrives today and is offered in two versions. That is, the experience is expanded exponentially to be able to send one-on-one or group messages , so this functionality is landed in its best possible form. Also, Strava explains the additional features that have been integrated:

  • Share an activity and/or route : you can share activities and routes in the chat to help assist in coordination and celebration.
  • Group Message Customization – Creators can customize the name of group chats for a more defined experience.
  • Have fun : Athletes can motivate themselves and even measure themselves in friendly competitions through reactions to messages, GIFs and responses.

The objective of this great new feature of the platform is to offer effective communication to make performance plans , reinforce individual or group commitment and emphasize the community as one of the main axes of Strava.

Among some of the examples of use given by the platform are the possibility that athletes can configure their preferences, or simply who to invite to the chat group , or who can send them a direct message. Which means that privacy has also been limited with enough features so that the user can define who they can contact.

These settings are automatically configured based on the visibility of the user’s profile, but always with the possibility of modifying them to/from ‘following’, ‘mutual’ or ‘nobody’ from the Strava app settings. That is, not only have they included a new star functionality, but it comes with the necessary settings for user privacy.

In this way, Strava, with now support for more than 50 different types of activities, announces from its blog that it continues to grow with other functions already announced recently such as Flyover, sharing for groups and clubs and improved publications to make it more easy to create content for the club.


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