Goodbye to SMS: Apple will give the final blow to the most classic messaging

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Back of iPhone

After many years, it seems that it has arrived the moment of farewell of SMS messaging. What the world may not have expected is that it would be Apple that gave the final push to stop this technology from being used. With the adoption of the RCS standard in 2024 by the iPhone, the world of messaging will take an important step forward.

If you are an iPhone user, RCS technology may not sound familiar to you, but it is the messaging system that has become standard in recent years. Those who have an Android mobile, in contrast, know it very well, since it is used with Google Messages. RCS messaging is a step up from SMS and MMS, a way of sending and receiving messages that is much more practical and efficient.

The iPhone will receive it in 2024

Although an exact date has not been provided for this premiere, Apple has commented in statements to 9 to 5 Mac that its goal is for it to be available at the end of the second half of the year 2024. Therefore, it would not be surprising if is presented as one of the additions in the next version of iOS. This is very good news, since it will allow users of the apple terminal to use the same messaging system as those of Android and thus the iPhone does not have to continue depending on a technology that, like SMS, is obsolete

Smartphone with RCS on the screen

This change had been long requested by users, given that more and more operators have adopted this technology and are taking advantage of it, such as Movistar and O2 in Spain. In addition, the problems that occur when Android and iPhone users communicate with messaging are well known because Apple was determined, until now, to be faithful to its iMessage technology. But finally, the solution is on the way.

Goodbye SMS, hello RCS

If you have ever suffered from the problems of sending and receiving messages between Android and iOS, you will know that this novelty is going to be really important for your daily life. This will put an end to not seeing some received messages, the confusion that occurs with group messages or the loss of resolution that is so common when exchanging video files. Others many minor problemssuch as there being emojis that do not appear when messages are sent between the two platforms, they will also be forgotten.

Furthermore, the most important thing we could say is the series of improvements that the iPhone is going to get with this messaging technology. Because, as you can imagine, SMS and MMS messages have been left far behind in the past and their options, even if there are derived services, are really reduced. If we consider that we were already using SMS long before the arrival of smartphones, we can understand how backward this technology had fallen.

Sending an RCS message

For its part, with RCS messaging we will be able to send high-resolution images, use a large number of emojis, put animated GIFs in conversations to make them more fun, share location in a conversation or send videos with ease. There are two other additional features that are very important. One of them is the availability of read notices, something that, these days, is essential when we talk about applications like WhatsApp. This way you won’t have to wait without knowing if the other person has read the message or not. The other novelty it provides is a higher level of security, which is always welcome.

As you surely know, many of the infections, security risks and threats that mobile users encounter come via SMS messaging. If this technology is allowed to die once and for all, it will mean that security volume will increase and that, finally, incidents will be reduced. In short, it is great news for the mobile market.

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