Goodbye to losing your keys or suitcase: I have tested the new Samsung Galaxy SmartTag 2


Samsung Galaxy SmartTag 2

We have been using the Korean company’s new locators, an NFC card that will help us not lose the most precious objects.

At the beginning of October, Samsung presented its new NFC tag, the Samsung Galaxy SmartTag 2, designed for avoid losing keys, pets, or being able to locate luggage when we go on a trip. This new model is a direct rival to the Apple AirTags, launched in 2021, and which have become so popular.

On this occasion Samsung has improved what it already had available in the first generation, with Longer battery life, new features, and a new design which will help make it easier to carry it attached to certain elements. We have been using this tag for several days, including a trip, to test it.

The uses of this type of products are always the same, to prevent something from being lost, but what varies is how each person will use it. Someone with a dog may find it interesting to put it on her collar, someone who travels a lot, put it on her suitcase, but a very clueless person will put it on her keys.

The new Samsung Galaxy SmartTag 2 has changed its form factor and Now it’s a little bigger, but also more comfortable. to place in certain cases. It has a metal ring to be able to attach it to more elements, as well as a rubber body that includes a button, which is used to make the cell phone ring or to activate certain home automation functions.

This new product has improved its resistance, something that is surely appreciated if it is going to be placed on a pet. Now it is capable of withstanding occasional immersion in water, thanks to the IP-67 certification. The design, without sharp edges or points, helps make it comfortable to carry, and does not pose a danger to animals.

The battery, which is a CR2032 battery, It promises an autonomy of 500 days, which could be extended to 700 days if low consumption mode is activated. This battery can be removed with a pick included in the sales box when it needs to be replaced. Activating the Samsung Galaxy SmartTag 2 is very simple. You just have to pull the plastic strip that activates the battery and at that moment the mobile will recognize it and we can configure it. We will need to have the Smart Things app and a Samsung accountif it was not already configured on the smartphone.

The Samsung Galaxy StarTag2 It has been designed to be able to locate objects within a range of 120 meters from where our mobile phone is.. In this way, it is possible to make it ring, or navigate through an augmented reality interface. The application will guide the user to the label, although the precision can be several meters.

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag 2

Yes indeed, This navigation through augmented reality depends on the UWB (UltraWide Band) chip They have very few Samsung phones today. One of them is the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra with which we have tested this accessory.

Another function of this product is being able to locate what is anchored to it even if we are not close. The problem is that this feature depends on there being Samsung mobile phones that pass near the SmartTag, having the Smart Things application installed and that the user has accepted that their mobile phone serves as a tracking device.

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag 2

There are too many circumstances that have to occur in this case for it to work.. If Android had general integration in countries like Spain, this function would be very good, because the majority of people use Android, but as it is programmed right now, we fear that this is one of the least striking functions of the Samsung Galaxy SmartTag 2 .

This SmartTag 2 includes a new function that can help if you have irretrievably lost something. By having a reading NFC card it is possible to enter our phone number as well as a short message that can be read by anyone with a smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag 2

The only condition is that that mobile, or tablet, has a web browser and an NFC chip, something that almost all current devices have. In the event that someone finds our belonging, they will be able to contact us with that information.

In addition to locating devices this product It also serves to activate certain elements of the home., using the integrated push button. In this way, it is possible to turn on the lights, put on the TV, etc. It is something that no other alternatives have.

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag 2

Of course, to use it you need to have the SmartThings application is configured, and that the home automation products are compatible. In our case we have connected the Xiaomi LED bulbs and strips, which have been synchronized without any problem.

This type of product is designed for a specific person profile, the one who you need to have something permanently and securely located. This makes it an option in those cases, but it is not as useful for locating something at a great distance as in the case of Apple’s, for the reasons that we have already discussed.

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag 2

The price is 39.90 euros, although we have seen it on sale for less than 29 euros, a cost that may be acceptable in the event that we need a product of this type, because we often lose our keys, our dog tends to stray too far and we lose sight of it, etc. Besides, the Home automation button function is an extra which, curiously, does not make the product more expensive.

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