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Goodbye to LG: the Korean manufacturer surrenders and its mobile division will close on July 31, 2021

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LG was once a heavyweight in the mobile ecosystem and one of the first and fierce allies of Google when Android was put into circulation. In memory are that LG Optimus 3D or the LG G2 that would show us all how the autonomy of a smart mobile phone should be.

Now, LG has decided to officially close its mobile phone business after several years of losses that have been impossible to overcome. Several changes of the internal organization of LG Mobile have happened in several seasons and finally the rumors have come true: LG disappears from the mobile market.

LG closes its doors


Through a statement issued on its website, LG confirms that it is closing its mobile business unit after being approved by a board of directors today, April 5, 2021. The Korean manufacturer indicates that your current stock of phones will continue to be sold until sold out, or until the division officially closes the doors.


This official closing date has been set for July 31 of this year31 days beyond the equator of a year that was already going to be turbulent for the technology market due to the announced shortage of processors to supply all brands. LG indicates that it will focus on other strategic sectors for growth such as IoT, artificial intelligence, smart homes and electric vehicles.

Regarding the updates of mobile phones already marketed, LG indicates that will maintain this support according to the regulations of each region, so it guarantees support for 24 months set by the European Union (in our case). During this time, LG will provide service and updates to all of its phones in circulation.

The Korean firm says that it will take advantage of its experience in the mobile sector to continue the development of related technologies, although will no longer develop mobile phones in the future. LG will focus on mobility, on the development of the next 6G and other future products. As we have said, LG will close its doors on July 31, 2021. Goodbye to a historic brand.

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