Goodbye to IPTV: the free ‘Netflix’ that you don’t know and that give you hours of programs, series and movies

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These platforms offer movies, series, programs and documentaries for free and in Spanish, and can offer hundreds of hours of entertainment.

The Internet has multiplied the entertainment options available to consume in Spain as an alternative to television. Streaming services are the protagonists, and although Netflix, Disney+ or HBO Max are the best known, there are also other platforms that can provide hours of entertainment and that are also completely free.

There are great free alternatives like Rakuten, Distro TV or Pluto TV, but there are also other lesser-known services that are free and can offer a lot. In EL ESPAÑOL – El Androide Libre we are going to show you the latter. Some of them are not dedicated to on-demand content, but rather focus on live streaming. Even so, they can be great alternatives to pass the time.

Being free platforms, ads are the order of the day, but all the alternatives listed below have content in Spanish, or subtitled, which will make it understandable correctly. There are no platforms in English or dedicated to another language.


In this case, it is a platform dedicated to hunting. As they say in their description, it is possible to find all types of content free hunting on this platform, with programs about animals, documentaries and even films related to this field.

There are no premium subscriptions, so all its content is free, but with some ads that help maintain the platform. It has both live channels and on-demand content, which can be viewed at any time at the user’s discretion.


Every so often new content is selected free access that are classified and added to the platform by the team of editors, so you can expect some renewal in the catalog. In addition, it has the support of several organizations related to hunting.

TV Art

In this case, the platform is dedicated to varied content that has art as its meeting point. As the platform explains on its website, more than half of its programming is documentaries, while around 20% is allocated to films and fiction and about 15% is dedicated to information programs.


Some of ArteTV’s content is in French or German, while quite a few programs are also dubbed into Spanish. However, any item that is available in the catalog from Spain will at least be subtitled in Spanish so that it can be understood. Offers at least 400 hours a year of this content in Spanish.

Since 2022 they have an agreement with RTVE, and they even have a YouTube channel where you can also see much of their original content. Your app has the possibility of sharing screen and even downloading content to view when there is no Internet connection.

Rlaxx TV

This platform mixes content in Spanish and other languages, and this can be seen both by accessing its live channels and by selecting this content in its on-demand section. If a program is found started, can be seen from the beginningwhich is a plus point.

Its channels are thematic, so each one will broadcast certain types of movies, series or programs. You don’t even need to create an account to start trying it, just download its application or access its platform, which is currently in beta phase.

Rlaxx TV

RlaxxTV uses advertising to stay free, but the company ensures that its breaks are short and infrequent. They are available on a large number of television platforms beyond Android TV, although it is also possible to access them from the web or in their Android app.

Although it may go unnoticed, RTVE Play is one of the best streaming platforms that can be accessed completely free of charge. You can find movies like John Wick or The Orphanage, series like Downton Abbey and a wide range of documentaries in Spanish that can be very interesting. It also includes the possibility of watching any of the RTVE television channels live.


It has a large amount of original content that adds a lot of value to the platform, and it is possible to download much of it to be able to watch it when there is no connection. As with the most popular streaming platforms, you can also mark any item to view later.

Without a doubt, it is one of the best free alternatives if you want to enjoy hours of entertainment in the form of movies, series, television programs and documentaries, and it can also be good for watching its channels live over the internet without needing to use a IPTV.

Other alternatives

Runtime is a streaming service with many of its more than 5,000 titles in Spanish and it can be a great option for B-movie lovers, although there are also series available. It is organized by thematic channels depending on the content, but it is also possible to watch content on demand.

It does not have a catalog that stands out for having acclaimed titles, but it is true that it has a certain variety, and it is possible to find something interesting to see. One of its positive points is that it is possible to choose the quality of the visualization


Mitele and Atresplayer are the streaming services of Mediaset and Atresmedia, respectively. They have the possibility of seeing many things for free, although for other elements, you will have to pay. They allow you to see both live and files of many of your programs.

On the other hand, there are some brands that have their own free streaming services. On the one hand, Samsung Smart TVs have Samsung TV Plus, a platform that has no ads and does not require registration. It has content from channels such as MTV Originals or Motorvisión, among many others, so there is always content being broadcast that may be interesting.

In the case of LG, it is called LG Channels, and some of its channels offer content in 4K and HDR resolution. With more than 130 channels, it is a great option for entertainment, although in this case you do have to create an account to use it, and WebOS must be at least version 4.5.

Mi TV+, Xiaomi's free streaming

Xiaomi, for its part, has MiTV+, which is not exclusive to the company’s televisions, but can be downloaded by anyone with Android TV. It has more than 200 thematic channels that broadcast sports, news, movies, series and documentaries 24 hours a day.

Although it is not the same, Sony includes in some of its Smart TVs Bravia Core, thanks to which users can play some Sony Pictures titles in 4K quality with a bit rate of up to 80 Mbps, a figure that is similar to that of Blu-Ray discs. Of course, only 5 or 10 movies can be redeemed per year depending on the model, the rest are live channels, which are available for 12 or 24 months.

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