Goodbye to HBO Max: it will become Max on May 21 and this is all that changes in our accounts

goodbye to hbo max it will become max on may 21 and this is all that changes in our accounts
goodbye to hbo max it will become max on may 21 and this is all that changes in our accounts

HBO has finally confirmed the expected change in Spain of its alternative streaming platform to Netflix, and how it will affect users.

It was inevitable. Since the end of HBO Max was announced in the United States last year, all Spanish users of the platform wondered when it was going to be their turn. Finally, today the company began sending emails to users notifying them of the changes to its platform, and there are several of them.

The most obvious is a name change. HBO Max is now renamed simply ‘Max’ , a change that represents how HBO’s part of the service will vary. And Max is actually the result of the merger of two platforms, HBO Max and Discovery+, both owned by Warner Bros; The multimedia giant decided to unite both platforms in an attempt to create a more attractive service in an increasingly competitive sector.


Therefore, the first thing HBO Max users will notice, apart from the name change, is a change in content ; Although the company has been quick to clarify that we are not going to lose anything, rather we are going to gain a lot.

This is the new Max


Specifically, Max compiles HBO Max content with Discovery and TLC content. As a result, content from Warner Bros, Cartoon Network and the DC Universe is maintained; But in addition, Discovery programs and, perhaps more strikingly, live sporting events are added.

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The great jewel in the crown of this commitment to sporting events is the Paris 2024 Olympic Games , which can be seen with any of Max’s plans; In addition, through Max you can see events such as the Roland-Garros, the Tour de France and the 24 Hours of Le Mans; in addition to access to the Eurosport 1 and Eurosport 2 channels. In some countries, Max will also offer access to conventional channels.

To all this, we must add changes to the platform. Among the promises made by Max is an app with greater personalization and improved search , greater performance and greater ease of use. Profiles for adults and children can be separated with a PIN, and it will be easier to access content of certain genres with the new ‘hubs’.

How your HBO Max subscription will change

HBO will become Max starting in May. The new Max app will replace the HBO Max app, and in some cases this update may not be done automatically; In that case, we will have to install the new app on our mobile phone, tablet or smart TV. The good news is that HBO Max accounts will be maintained and moved to the new service automatically; profiles, history and settings will be passed to Max, although we will have to download the content again in the new app.

All the changes to the platform mean that the migration from HBO Max to Max is going to be somewhat complicated and controversial. The company has promised that it will contact each user to inform them of how their subscription plan will change and how much they will have to pay, but only in the case of users subscribed through an app store or through the official website. Users who use HBO Max because it comes in a package from their Internet, phone or television provider will be informed by those respective companies.

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An important difference between Max and the current service is that it will have two subscription plans, instead of HBO Max’s single plan.

The Standard plan will offer a maximum of 1080p resolution, and can be viewed on 2 devices at the same time; Up to 30 downloads will also be offered for offline viewing. In most cases, the switch to Max will be done automatically, and although it has not been confirmed, it is expected that it will be made to this plan.

The Premium plan will obviously be the most expensive, but also the only one with access to content at 4K resolution and Dolby Atmos. The rest of the advantages are the possibility of using the service on 4 devices at the same time, and using up to 100 offline content downloads.

To this we must add that Max will allow the contracting of an add-on, which for an additional payment will offer access to sporting events. Specifically, the Sports Complement will offer access to Eurosport 1 and Eurosport 2, live cycling (including the Tour de France and the Vuelta a España) and tennis (Roland-Garros). An important detail is that we will not need this add-on to watch the Olympic Games, which are included in the Standard and Premium plans.