Goodbye to Google Photos: this is the perfect official Google app to replace it

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Google has a free application to manage photos that is much simpler than Google Photos and that very few people know about.


Google Photos has become one of the most used applications in Spain for various reasons. The main one is that It comes pre-installed on almost all Android phones sold in this market and, taking into account the penetration rate of Android, the number is very high. The second reason is that there are many mobile brands that, since they have it as standard, do without having their own gallery app.

One of the exceptions is Samsung, which has a very powerful application in Gallery, especially now that it has included new artificial intelligence functions in it. It is not the only one that has an alternative app to Google Photos, but it is one of the few. Brands like Motorola, for example, do without it.

Therefore, when a person buys a mobile phone from one of these brands, choose to use Google Photos even though it may not be what you would like, because it is the one that comes pre-installed. Yes, you can download many other similar apps, but not everyone has the desire or patience to do so.

Google Gallery

What many do not know is that Google itself has an application designed to be used as a gallery because it is what it is, but it has nothing to do with Google Photos. It’s called Gallery, and it’s free. This application was initially designed for low-end mobile phones, with very fair features.

That is why it works perfectly on any current Android mobile, and It has an extremely simple and straightforward interface, with few functions, but it fulfills its purpose of being a photo gallery effectively. In addition, one of its virtues is that it does not need an Internet connection, in case that is an advantage.


This application has a simple interface, which is based on the image folders on the device it is installed on. For example, camera photos, screenshots, WhatsApp images, Telegram images, etc. But if you want you can create your own albums to organize the photographs.

It’s as simple as going to the Folders section at the bottom of the interface and clicking on the three dots icon in the upper right corner. There you can create a new folder and put the images you want inside. Of course, it must be taken into account that, since it does not use the Internet connection, does not make backup copies in the cloud.


Besides, includes a basic photo editor, that allows you to crop them, put a filter, etc. It is a very simple tool, which cannot compete not only with professional apps, but even with Google Photos. Of course, at least in video editing it allows you to crop them, something that is very useful. The Gallery app can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store.

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