Goodbye to Google Drive and iCloud: the simple tricks to master Microsoft Onedrive like a master

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813429114 238015200 1706x960.jpg

One of the most unknown apps from Microsoft and its Office suite is OneDrive, the alternative to iCloud and Google Drive.

In the last few hours, Google has recognized an error due to which documents of many users have been deleted from Google Drive accounts, the company’s cloud storage service. This service is widely used in Spain partly because it comes standard on Android and in the country this operating system is the majority, by far.

But Google Drive is not the last option to store information in the cloud. Apple has iCloud, designed exclusively for users of its products and Dropbox is still an option, although so limited in its free version. that many people discarded it a long time ago.

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A good alternative to Google Drive is Microsoft OneDrive, a storage platform that is within the Redmond company’s Office suite. It has a free version that allows storage of up to 5 GB without even having to give a credit card and offers payment options as attractive as Google’s, from 2 euros per month for 100 GB of data.

OneDrive Tricks

More capacity without paying

OneDrive has a referral system with which It is possible to expand the capacity of our account without paying. The key is that you will get 500 MB more capacity, 0.5 GB, for each user who registers with our link. This link is in the Manage Storage section.

Onedrive Screenshots on Android

Personal warehouse

OneDrive has a personal section, a subsection of our profile, where you can store important or confidential photos and files without having to use external applications. To access these files, in addition to entering the OneDrive account, you must use an additional methodsuch as fingerprint, facial recognition, a PIN or a code sent by email or SMS.

Free up space

Another useful function of OneDrive is being able to free up space on your phone by having a backup copy of certain information in the cloud. What this function does is delete only the files that are already replicated online, so that they do not take up space in the internal memory. This can be done going to the Me icon, then Settings and then clicking on Clear space on the device.

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