Goodbye to free tours: Google Maps is going to become your best tourist guide

goodbye to free tours google maps is going to become.png
goodbye to free tours google maps is going to become.png

google maps image with AI

Google has relied on generative Artificial Intelligence to make discovering new places when we travel even easier for its users. We tell you all the details.

During the last years, our use of Google Maps has changed drastically. It has gone from being a simple navigator that we used to know the best route between a point of origin and a destination, to being an essential tool on which to structure our plans: discover shops, restaurants, supermarkets, etc. Yesterday, Google made it official that it is working to further revitalize the app and go a step further through the use of generative Artificial Intelligence, as stated in the statement published on its official blog, with the aim of improving the experience. that it offers to its users.

From now on, we will be able to tell Google what are we looking for and what are our preferences and your language models will begin to analyze all the information collected in Google Maps. Its database includes more than 250 million places and will take into account the information provided by the more than 300 million taxpayers.

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Discovering places with AI

One of the examples that Google has given in the presentation of this new feature focuses on the discovery of unique finds in a specific city, in this case, San Francisco. The user will only have to ask Google Maps which are the places with a vintage atmosphere in the city. From there, its Artificial Intelligence models will be in charge of offering a proposal to the user that will include nearby places with their respective photographs, businesses that belong to this category and all the information provided by users who have previously visited these points of interest.

The list It will be ordered by categories: clothing stores, vinyl or vintage merchandise businesses or tourist attractions. Furthermore, the search does not end there. If we then request information about eating something in that area, respecting the historical essence mentioned previously, we will also receive suggestions for restaurants that match the vintage atmosphere. This list can be saved to be able to consult it afterwards, Share it with friends or simply throw it away.

Activities depending on the context

When we are traveling, or even have organized a plan in our city with our close circle, a rainy day can compromise any planning we had made. The Google Artificial Intelligence It will adapt to the context and we can ask it, for example, to make a plan for the location where we are for a rainy day. Google Maps will take care of make a list of indoor activities that may be interesting: restaurants, theater or comedy programming, movie theaters…

And, in the event that the plan also has to take into account that We are traveling with children, We will only have to specify it below and your proposal will also adapt to the little ones.

Google claims that this is only the first step in everything they are doing. preparing with Artificial Intelligence generative in the near future. At the moment, all these functionalities are reserved for a certain number of very restricted users in the United States, but it is expected to be expanded to other countries as the results offered meet their expectations.

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