Goodbye to annoying commercial calls: you can now record telephone spam to report it

goodbye to annoying commercial calls you can now record telephone spam to report it
goodbye to annoying commercial calls you can now record telephone spam to report it

The barrage of SPAM calls suffered weekly is one of the worst experiences on a smartphone. Now they can be recorded and reported.

Thanks to the tools to combat spam from a mobile phone, the number of calls that can be received has been reduced, but even so, they continue to invade a personal and private space such as the user’s phone number. Now the Spanish Data Protection Agency is offering a simple tool for users so they can report these types of calls.

And since last summer it has been prohibited to receive commercial calls without the express authorization of the user. The reality is still different, since these spam calls continue to be received and even with the filters available from mobile phones, it becomes quite impossible to fight against them, since they come back with another phone number, so in the end it is facing an almost infinite cycle for the user.

This new tool available from the website of the Spanish Data Protection Agency aims for the user to become the main actor in discovering those telemarketing companies that continue to operate . The General Telecommunications Law is based on the user’s right not to receive unwanted calls for commercial purposes, unless there is prior consent.

  • Identification of the entity promoted in the call: a photograph of the mobile phone or a screenshot in which you can see the phone number and the exact time of the call (the date must also be included).
  • Number of the telephone line on which the call was received with the operator and the documentation that proves the ownership of the line.
  • Proof that the telephone number at which the spam call was received has been registered, at least two months previously, in advertising exclusion services (Robinson List).
  • Copy of the audio recording.

The Robinson List is an exclusion service that allows you to enter your phone number and email so that they do not count for commercial purposes. In fact, advertising agencies have to consult the list and thus exclude the users registered on it, but in the end, what it really does is reduce the number of spam calls received. This does not mean that, even if you are registered on the Robinson List, you can receive them.

Record SPAM call

If so, the next move would be to record the SPAM call received to provide it as a document of great value. Now the next hurdle to encounter is that the mobile phone used can record calls, since Google limited the use of this functionality on Android. There are third-party apps that do allow this function, although it is limited by the manufacturers.

The best known are Cube ACR and Talker ACR , although if you do a search on Google Play you can find a few others such as Call Recorder or Call Recorder. There are also different versions that do work on Samsung mobile phones, as is the case with ACR Record.

Identification methods when reporting a SPAM call The free Android

It is a matter of testing and checking if they record the calls, since the last option would be to use another mobile phone to record the call with the recorder app  (put the SPAM call on speaker and record it). The next thing would be to go through the electronic form (it can also be done on paper) at the electronic headquarters with the use of the digital certificate ( it can be requested now from your mobile ):

  • You enter the AEPD website.
  • Electronic is selected and identification is carried out with the digital certificate (the DNIe, Cl@ve Móvil and Cl@ve PIN are also valid).
  • All the requested data is entered and the shipment will be confirmed plus the possibility of downloading the receipt.

new way to report SPAM calls , although it requires the user to have the necessary documents to identify the companies that continually call thousands of users in Spain.


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