Goodbye smartwatch: smart rings are here to stay and take better care of your health

Everyone get ready: Xiaomi will launch its own smartwatch with Wear OS from Google
everyone get ready: xiaomi will launch its own smartwatch with


Smart rings are becoming the big bet of consumer electronics brands to monitor health.


As we move into the 21st century we see how Technology is increasingly intertwined with every aspect of our daily lives.. It is no longer surprising that even the most traditional objects are being transformed into smart devices. It started with telephones, then televisions, later watches arrived and currently we are transforming cars.

One of the most fascinating examples of this technological revolution is the arrival of smart rings. These small finger-worn devices not only act as aesthetic complements, but also incorporate various technological functions that can change the way we interact with the world around us.

Until now None of the big consumer technology brands had opted for them, but Samsung changed that, confirming at the Galaxy S24 Series launch event that the Samsung Galaxy Ring would go on sale later this year. There is still a lot of data missing about this product, but it has opened the season, with other well-known brands such as Amazfit joining the bet.

What are smart rings

As its name suggests, this type of device They are rings very similar to conventional ones, but they have a layer of technology inside. This means that they can be used for certain functions and can perform certain actions. Aesthetically, there are various types, but they tend to be somewhat larger and somewhat thicker than traditional wedding rings, which is normal given that they must house processors, batteries, etc. Yes indeed, What they are not including, for now, is a screen something that could change in the future, but at the moment it does not seem like a priority.

As with smart glasses, Currently, rings are used as a complement or accessory to the mobile phone., with which they connect via Bluetooth to transmit the data they store, normally related to health. There are some that work independently, because they are just NFC tags converted into rings.


These devices They are typically thin, lightweight, and available in a variety of styles and materials., from stainless steel to high-quality ceramics, including titanium. Some manufacturers strive to offer rings to suit any wearer’s tastes, with options ranging from classic to modern, and sometimes even using different casings.

What types are there

The Samsung ring, and those from other companies such as Oura Health, are rings designed to carry out a fitness and health tracking. Equipped with cutting-edge sensors, these rings can monitor heart rate, sleep quality, and physical activity, providing users with valuable data to improve their well-being. Furthermore, as the director of Samsung Mobile, TM Roh, explained, the advantage of the rings is that their autonomy is greater, you do not have to take them off every few days to charge them and they are very comfortable to wear when you sleep.


Other rings They have been designed to be a kind of notification notification form. By connecting with a smartphone, users can receive alerts for messages, calls and reminders without having to take the phone out of their pocket. This offers discretion that is valuable in situations where removing the phone may be inappropriate.

Finally, other rings some smart rings incorporate NFC technology, allowing actions linked to that chip to be carried out, such as opening a car, as happens with some rings designed for Tesla vehicles. Other rings of this type even allow you to make payments directly with them, emulating a bank card. Models with this technology have been seen for years, but until now they have not been seen en masse, but rather in ideas that did not come to fruition.

Privacy and prices

As with any technological advancement, smart rings are not without challenges and concerns. One of the main ones is privacy. Since these devices collect a large amount of personal data, it is crucial that manufacturers implement security measures to protect user information. However, it is not very different from what is currently happening with cell phones or smart watches.

The prices of these products are very different. There are them for a few euros in online stores that only serve to activate an NFC tag and there are for hundreds of euros, normally, those designed to record all our health. The Oura Ring 3, for example, has gone on sale for 399 euros. The Amazfit or Samsung models will be launched throughout the year, with no price yet defined.


Smart rings represent a step forward in the convergence of technology and fashion, and one more step for wearables, which have already been standardized on the wrist, on the ears and now reach the fingers. Their ability to combine functionality with design makes them attractive accessories for those looking a more discreet but equally practical approach to the technology they include. As demand and innovation increase, the future of smart rings looks bright, offering users a simpler and faster way to interact with the digital world.

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