Goodbye Google Bard, hello Gemini: Google’s ChatGPT changes its name to embrace all these new features

We met Google Bard last year, a chatbot in the style of ChatGPT but enhanced by all the features of the search giant. Since then, has not stopped evolvingits latest addition: a considerable leap by adding Gemini Pro to the equation, the improved language model that arrives in Spain.

Now, after weeks and weeks of rumors and leaks, the name change is confirmed: Google Bard will be renamed Geminiand this new name comes hand in hand with deeper changes such as the native app for Android or the arrival of Gemini Advanced (the Gemini Ultra model which will be paid).

A name change with a lot of juice behind it

Incidentally, it also confirms the Google Assistant name change, which in its version with AI, we did not know if it would be called Bard, Assistant with Bard or Gemini. Now, the search engine company has revealed its next steps in the field of Artificial Intelligence applied to the user.

Google Gemini

Indeed, all the information pointed to an imminent name change and this has been the case. announced by Google. We say goodbye to Google Bard, a name that, although it exemplified the usefulness of this AI tool, has not enjoyed the same care from the community and from Google itself. The decision has been made and now we will simply call him Gemini.

Our mission with Bard has always been to give you direct access to our AI models, and Gemini represents our most capable family of models. To reflect this, Bard will be simply known as Gemini.

The name Gemini comes from the Google language models, which consist of three different versions: “Ultra”, the most advanced (and paid) comes with the commercial name ‘Gemini Advanced’, “Nano” is on devices such as the Pixel 8; “Pro” was already present in the late Bard and now new ‘Gemini’.

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To understand this hodgepodge of product names and language modelswe synthesize everything in a table:



technology behind

Standard AI

Google Bard


Gemini Pro model


Gemini Ultra (model)

Gemini Advanced

Gemini Ultra 1.0 Model

However, Gemini Advanced will be paidas we have said previously: 21.99 euros per month will have to be paid to enjoy the Google One AI Premium subscription, which includes 2 TB of storage for your Google account.

It is not the only thing presented by the Mountain View giant: the Gemini official native app (formerly Google Bard) for Android. This will allow us to write, speak and even use images to ask the AI ​​assistant for help.

Apart, Gemini will also be our new voice assistant– It will be able to replace the Google Assistant, so pressing and holding the power button will immediately show you our service. Of course, it will also still work when saying the magic words “Hey Google.”

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