Goodbye Bing Chat, hello Copilot: this is Microsoft’s AI that will fight Google Bard


2023 will go down in history as the year in which many people finally gave the Bing search engine a chance; and all thanks to the Artificial Intelligence of Bing Chat, based on the same language model as ChatGPT and which has caused so much talk.

Almost unintentionally, Microsoft found the goose that laid the golden eggs at its door. Thanks to its investment in OpenAI, the company had the right to use the same technology underlying the ChatGPT chatbot and the Dal-E imaging program in its own products.

Bing benefited the most from this technology, with Bing Chat; an AI that is capable of answering our questions in a ‘human’ way and that has an AI image creator that only needs a few instructions to obtain realistic and eye-catching creations. Therefore, it may be a surprise that Bing Chat is now going away; at least, the name.

Microsoft bets on AI

And Microsoft has finally done what perhaps it should have done from the beginning: bet on a single strategy in Artificial Intelligence, with the same product in all the niches and systems in which it offers them. That means Bing Chat is now called Copilot , a name that will likely be familiar to readers

Copilot is the name of the GPT implementation for Windows 11 ( and soon Windows 10 ) systems, as well as in the Edge browser and the Microsoft 365 office suite; a name that made sense, because the idea was that AI would help us ‘pilot’ the computer with information, data and even access to the system configuration. Now, Copilot will be the name of Microsoft’s AI, period, no matter where we use it.

In this way, Microsoft wants to make Copilot a name as recognizable as Windows is; and we can expect that the company’s future products will have it integrated by default . In addition, the company has opened a new website to use Copilot , which is basically the ‘chatbot’ but without having to enter the Bing search engine to use it; From this page, we can access the advantages of the latest version of GPT.

Microsoft’s commitment to AI is evident, and reaches all departments of the company. One of the most surprising announcements made today is that the company has developed its own chip for Artificial Intelligence , although at the moment it will only be used in servers and there are no plans to integrate it into personal computers.


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