Good news with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9, it will be much more resistant

Good news with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9, it will be much more resistant
good news with the samsung galaxy tab s9, it will

Good news with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9, it will be much more resistant

There’s not much left for you samsung advertise a good number of products at your event Unpacked which is scheduled for the month of July 2023. One of the devices that will be presented will be the tablet Galaxy Tab S9 and, of this, important information has been known thanks to an image that has been published.

At the beginning of this year it was indicated that the tablet we are talking about could have waterproof. Now, this speculation has been indirectly confirmed through a leaked image shared by the recognized insider snoppytech. The image shows several models of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 surrounded by splashes of water, making the message clear. To further reinforce this possibility, an animated wallpaper with waves is on the panel of all devices, to reaffirm the information.

This does not make you lose anything in functionality

Although this new protection option might suggest that some of the usual options in Samsung tablets would be lost, such as the S Pen support, this will not be so. Samsung has long recognized that the Tab S range will always have this option. In addition, its notched screen will also remain, which could mean that it will have the same dual camera setup for selfies that the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra introduced.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 tablet with water

It is also speculated that the entire Galaxy Tab S9 range will be equipped with an AMOLED panel. If so, this would be different from what happened last year, where the basic option of the tablets had an LCD technology component – leaving the most advanced option for the Plus and Ultra models. Besides, it is expected that the three models that will make up the new line of tablets use the processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2.

Rear image of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 tablet

These Samsung tablets compete directly with the iPad

The AMOLED screen, which is expected in the entire Galaxy Tab S9 line and, since it will no longer be necessary to worry about water splashes -whether on the beach, in the pool or in the bathroom-, it is clear that this will be one of the The models that will make things more complicated for Apple’s iPad pro.

At the moment, no details are known regarding the price that each of the three Samsung tablets that will be presented in July may have, but it seems quite certain that they will not be especially cheap despite using the Android operating system.


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