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Good news: the macOS native app trial is a reality

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If you are one of those who use the version of WhatsApp for macOS, surely there are some things that you do not like about the existing development. One of them, for sure, is that you do not have access to the news that is enjoyed in the trial version that exists on other platforms. Well, this is something that has ended. This is excellent news, since all the advances that are launched to know how it works before reaching the trial version of WhatsApp, and this is something that could not be enjoyed on iMacs or MacBooks. Finally, the company owned by Meta has taken the step of offering this to users. But, yes, an important change has had to be made in everything that has to do with the software used. And this is something very relevant. Changes in the new version of WhatsApp for macOS The essential thing is that everything is created natively for Apple’s operating system, so you end up with the modified and made-up web version that was used on the computers you used. We speak. In this way, Apple Catalyst has been used, which is a development platform for the devices of the Cupertino company. And this ensures great simplicity when it comes to taking work to other platforms such as iPads, which could well be on the way to offering the same new interface with three panels. In this way, apart from being able to access the WhatsApp test options, you gain many other things. An example is a much more refined and effective operation in the operating system. And, besides, much less resources are consumed than with the current and stable version. Therefore, what happened not long ago with the development of Windows occurs. Consequently, it is excellent news for those who have the client of the messaging application, something that they constantly use to communicate both with acquaintances and in everything that has to do with work. How to get this new version of WhatsApp Although it hasn’t been officially announced, it’s not particularly difficult to download this version, but keep in mind that it’s not considered stable, so it might not work particularly well at times. Simply, you have to access this web page and download the corresponding installation using the executable obtained as usual. The fact is that this is excellent news and, the truth is that, for a long time, it has been clear that WhatsApp is much more active when it comes to offering improvements and more options to users. >

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