Good news: none of the iPhone 15 will have a notch… Long live Dynamic Island!

Good news: none of the iPhone 15 will have a notch… Long live Dynamic Island!

Good news: none of the iPhone 15 will have a notch… Long live Dynamic Island!

Little by little some of the details that the range will have are becoming known iPhone 15. Some are pretty obvious, and some are not so obvious. Well, two things have just been leaked that will be part of these phones on which Apple is already working intensively. And, the truth is that it is good news.

Being quite clear that there will be, as in the iPhone 14, differences between the basic models and the Pro, one of the things that they have met It is that the first ones will have a quite important design change. This will be none other than definitely forget the notch on the screen. This addition, which has been characteristic of the Cupertino company’s phones for a long time, will be something of the past in 2023 -although there may be a loophole in some specific terminal-.

And what will Apple do in the iPhone 15 in this section? Well, make use of something that, possibly, has been one of the best additions in the current generation of iPhones: use what is called Dynamic Island. This is an element that allows you to know some information quickly, such as the weather or see the song that is playing. Therefore, this item that is a good breakthrough is will universalize. And, in this way, we are facing a total success on the part of the company directed by Tim Cook.

Advances in the cameras of the iPhone 15

This will be another important change in the models that can be considered as basic. According to the data that have been known, the North American firm intends to integrate a main sensor of 40MP, so it would match the Pro of the iPhone 14 range. Another good advance that will make it effective that there will be changes in the cameras in a much more common way to date. The fact is that the twelve megapixels will leave Apple phones forever.

iPhone 14 Pro rear camera

Pro models will continue to be better

This is something Apple fans will have to get used to, as it seems like a permanent decision by the firm with the bitten apple. And in the generation of the iPhone 15 Pro, two of the options that these models will have compared to the basic ones are located in the processor -again- and, also, in the integrated screen. In the first case, they will use the SoC A17 Bionicand in the second, the panel ProMotion will reach 120Hz. And, possibly, there is another difference… perhaps a higher resolution sensor in the main camera.

In what has to do with the presentation dates, it does not seem that Apple intends to change anything and, therefore, it is normal that in the month of September 2023 It is when all the iPhone 15 are officially announced.


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