Good news for the iPhone 15, its wireless charging will be much better

Good news for the iPhone 15, its wireless charging will be much better
good news for the iphone 15, its wireless charging will

Good news for the iPhone 15, its wireless charging will be much better

The next iPhone 15 will raise the bar in terms of wireless charging, something that users who are faithful to the brand of the bitten apple have been demanding for a long time. Having introduced the wireless MagSafe charger, the Cupertino giant is ready to support the latest Qi wireless charging standardsignificantly increasing the safe speed in chargers that are not compatible with the indicated technology.

According to a report that has been published, citing industry sources, the base model of the iPhone 15 will support Qi2 wireless charging standards. This indicates that the new Apple phone will be able to use wireless charging speeds of up to 15W. And the important thing really is that this will be the case even on wireless chargers not officially certified by Apple.

Consequences for those who have an iPhone 15

Very simple: you will not need a MagSafe charger for high-speed wireless charging to reach the levels that we have indicated. To date, Apple phones could only be charged wirelessly at 7.5W on chargers that were not MagSafe compatible, resulting in the processes were especially long… always compared to what the competition offers (such as OPPO or Xiaomi).

Back of an iPhone 14 Pro with three sensors

This happens because the speed is limited by the mfi certification, where accessory manufacturers were required to obtain a license from Apple to support their products. However, with the introduction of the Qi2 standard and Apple’s adoption of it, it will mean that upcoming iPhone models will not only support higher charging speeds, but it will make the prices of wireless chargers for the iPhone 15 as well. will decrease significantly – since charger manufacturers will not have to obtain any licences.

Which iPhone 15 is expected to hit the market

The new series will include the basic models and the Plus, which share the product range with the Pro and Pro Max. The upcoming iPhone 15s are expected to feature upgraded 48MP cameras and are also expected to base models feature Dynamic Island -introduced on Pro models last year-.

Apple iPhone phone on ujn table

Some additional leaks suggest that the next Apple iPhones have charging usb type c instead of the patented Lightning port, with different data transfer and charging between the standard and Pro models. Obviously, all this will be seen in September 2023, which is when the new terminals of the Cupertino company will be presented.


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