Good news: chat filtering will reach all WhatsApp users

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Surely on more than one occasion you have searched for a chat in the WhatsApp application and you have gone crazy to find exactly the right one. And this will have led you to think that it would be a very good idea that there would be a way to filter the search for this type of content. And, the truth is that it exists… but not for everyone. Well, from what has just been known, what is indicated is going to change shortly. For some time now, in the commercial version (or what some call professional) of the messaging application we are talking about, there has been an option that allows you to filter chats, among other things. And, for some reason that cannot be understood very well -beyond the difference to users-, it could not be found in the standard app that is downloaded from the official application stores. This function is already being tested for everyone As has been known, the most used platform in what has to do with messaging, is already testing the inclusion of the filter for chats in the application for all users. And, interestingly, the place chosen to access the new feature is not exactly innovative: it is the same as that which exists in commercial development. That is, it is placed just to the right of the search bar at the top of the WhatsApp interface. Depending on the source of the information, there will be a difference: in the standard version the icon, which is in the shape of an inverted triangle with horizontal lines, is always visible, while in the commercial app it is hidden unless you are using the toolbar. search. That is, we are talking about something quite minor. For the rest, its functionality will be exactly the same, which is none other than establishing parameters that allow refining a search for a conversation -whether individual or group-. What versions of WhatsApp will it reach? Well, according to known information, to all those that currently exist from the messaging application. In other words, it will soon be available for both iOS, Android and, also, for computer options. At the moment it is in the testing phase to verify that everything works as it should, but normally this new option for the standard version of WhatsApp will be functional in a short time because you have previous experience of its operation in the commercial application. This new tool will undoubtedly be very useful for users, since it will reduce the time it takes to find a chat that has certain content (either text or multimedia). >

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