Good news: Apple Music Classical for Android is a reality and can now be downloaded

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The new Apple Music Classical app was announced at the end of March, but its availability was limited to iPhone phones. Now, Android users also have the possibility to enjoy a huge catalog that this development offers (of course, if they have an Apple Music subscription). Apple Music Classical comes to Google’s operating system Remember that 2021, Apple bought Primephonic. This was an independent classical music subscription service. And, over time, it has ended up becoming Apple Music Classical. Well, by surprise, now this development is available for Android (what is really curious is that this happens before, for example, the same thing happens for iPads or Macs). It seems that in Cupertino they are clear that the consumption of this type of music is mainly done on smartphones. Apple Music Classical is a separate app from Apple Music, and it focuses exclusively on classical music, as the name itself suggests. It has around 5 million tracks at the moment, and they range from new releases to celebrated masterpieces. Therefore, we are talking about a rather impressive catalogue. On the other hand, the application also gives you the very useful ability to search for what you want to listen to (filtering by options of all kinds, such as composer, work, director, and even catalog number). In this way, finding the disk you are looking for is as efficient as it is simple. By the way, it should be noted that the Apple development we are talking about for now is not available with CarPlay either. Things have been done with sense Although this may seem strange at first, what has happened makes a lot of sense. The reason is that, if we consider that it was based on Primephonic (the Android application of the service disappeared after Apple bought it), the logical thing is that the North American firm brings the app back to the Google operating system looking to increase the reproductions of every track that exists in your catalog. The iPhone app still hasn’t been updated since its release, and it’s awaiting some improvements that were promised – especially now that the Android app has also been released. The app is available to download for free from the Google Play Store, and is accessed through a standard Apple Music subscription – if you have a subscription, there’s no cost to use. >

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