Good Lock, there’s Smart Switch for 2 modules: easy switching from one Galaxy to another

good lock, there's smart switch for 2 modules: easy switching
good lock, there's smart switch for 2 modules: easy switching

For a few hours now it’s been a little easier to bring the Good Lock customizations you have on the “old” Galaxy to a new Samsung smartphone, which could also be useful for those who buy a Galaxy S23 on day one or in the days just following. In fact, Samsung has updated two Good Lock modules, MultiStar and QuickStar, introducing Smart Switch support.

What is Smart Switch? It’s a Samsung app that has been available for quite some time that allows you to simplify the transfer of content (photos, contacts, calendar, messages, etc.) from an old to a new Galaxy. With versions 6.2.05 of MultiStar and of QuickStar, already available on the Galaxy Store, the company has introduced support for Smart Switch, which translates into the possibility of also entrust the copying to the automatisms of the software of the customizations set through the two modules of the Good Lock suite.

It’s a start, since it’s about gods first two Smart Switch-enabled modules, it will probably soon be extended to the others through updates. Meanwhile the multitasking customization via MultiStar can switch from one Galaxy to another, and the same can happen with QuickStar, which instead focuses on customizing the quick controls. Now LockStar, NavStar and all the other modules of Good Lock are missing, but it should only be a matter of time. Download link for the latest versions of QuickStar and MultiStar in SOURCE And STREET.