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Good for Google: now it is easier to delete the search history in your app

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One of the things that are important to users is their privacy. More and more people are concerned about this section, and for this reason companies that have an online presence want to make it as easy as possible for them to have exactly what they are looking to achieve. An example is Google, which has communicated that it will be much easier to request that the search history be deleted. And this is a success. The process of removing Personally Identifiable Information (PII) was already available, but the process was not as intuitive as many would like. And, for this reason, many did not use it (generally, due to ignorance). Well, in Google they indicated in their last event for developers that modifications would be made to change the situation, and these have already begun to arrive. And they are positive. What is deleted in Google information In the service offered by the Mountain View company, it includes options such as containing credentials or search history, something that users often want to eliminate so that it does not remain any record in the account they have with the company that created Android and the Chrome browser. The fact is that from now on the removal request will be much easier to carry out, since Google has taken the step that it announced a few months ago. We are talking about a tool that some users can already use right now and that is being rolled out little by little in different regions (if you don’t have it, don’t worry, it won’t be long in coming). This is found in the Google application for the Android operating system, so when you run it you will find a button in the Results about you section that appears when you use your profile photo that allows you to request the deletion of the information. When using it, a page is accessed that explains what will be done if the action is confirmed. If Delete results is chosen in the menu that appears when using the three vertical dots icon, the process that is carried out on Google servers will begin. It’s a success. The truth is that what Google is activating is very positive because it allows users to quickly and much more intuitively manage the data that the company has about the use of the services it offers. Of course, everything points to the deployment carried out, that the functionality of the new tool is being tested and, as soon as it is verified that everything works correctly, the deployment will surely be globalized quickly. >

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