Good for Apple: its augmented reality glasses will work with the iPhone

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Little by little, different details are becoming known that may be part of the augmented reality glasses that Apple is preparing and that everything indicates that they could arrive before the end of this year 2023. One of the new information that has appeared indicates that it would not be necessary use a computer to control them. And this is really positive. As a general rule, this type of device, due to the absence of highly advanced integrated hardware, requires powerful connected equipment (with or without cables), in order to perform all its actions with an adequate user experience. And, from what you can see, Apple has found the solution to not have to be tied to a Mac when using the Reality Pro, whether it’s a laptop or desktop. And, the truth is that what has been thought makes all the sense in the world. A patent makes Apple’s idea clear The work, which has already been patented, would aim to dispense with computers and, instead, use an iPhone or an iPad tablet. The truth is that the latest generations of these two products offer a very high power, so they would be more than enough to be able to carry out all kinds of jobs without noticing a drop in performance -or delay in operation-. Also, the name of the tool could already be chosen: Apple Continuity. We are talking about a multi-device continuity function that would allow direct wireless communication between the aforementioned devices with the AR glasses that Cupertino is preparing. And, among the tasks that seem very clear that can be carried out without problems, are from playing multimedia content to being able to edit all kinds of documents or images. Even when you finish a job in which you have to access an iPad or smartphone, the synchronization would be automatically turned off. Simulation, one of the great options of the glasses In the image that we have left in this article, the options that Apple’s Reality Pro would offer in this section can be clearly seen. They would be so advanced that it could simulate that a Mac computer is being used -both in what has to do with the screen and the keyboard necessary to use it and execute actions-. And all this would be achieved due to the inclusion of a large number of sensors and, also, the eye tracking that the product is sure to have. The truth is that, if all this is confirmed, the arrival of the glasses from the Cupertino company could be a turning point in the market… but their price will possibly mean that not many will be able to buy them at first. . >

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