Gold, gray and blue badges are coming on Twitter


Next week the existing badges on Twitter will be updated. While today they are all blue, indicating that it is a verified account, in a few days the colors will begin to change.

There will be manual authentication and different colored check marks for different types of users:

– The golden icon for companies.
– Gray for government institutions.
– Blue for people (celebrities or not).

All verified accounts will be manually authenticated prior to the rollout of this new icon.

We already knew that we would have different colors, but we did not know what they would be and how they would be applied. It has also not made it clear if you will have to pay a monthly fee to maintain badges or to get some, but it is clear that it will be impossible to get a gold one if you are not a company, which will help prevent falsification of accounts.

It will not put a different color on celebrities, as it is difficult to define what is considered a personality. What is famous for someone, may not be for another, so all people will be the same in the eyes of Twitter.

It’s a change to prevent the impersonation of accounts that Twitter suffered after allowing the purchase of the blue badge, something that only lasted 48 hours, but that kept Twitter upside down.

Musk originally said that the revised Verified program would launch on November 29, but his latest tweet puts the date at December 2.

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